Welcome to Call Time Training – Preview

Welcome to Call Time Training

Welcome to Political Head Start's call time training course. My name is Lindsey Miller. I've been involved in political fundraising since about 2005. I've helped my candidates raise well over $2 million. Those have been in small races like school board and county commissioner all the way up to multiple statewide candidates.

I want to take the time to introduce you to my Call Time Training course. First, you need to know there is no sugar coating. I am blunt and to the point whenever I explain my process because ultimately, I want you to raise more money and I want you to win your election. Ultimately, no one wants to give you money. Political fundraising isn't easy, but you need money to get your message to your voters.

In my opinion, Call Time is the best way to fundraise for a campaign. That's why you always have heard dialing for dollars. Candidates who sit in front of their phone and their potential donor list and make calls and ask for support. Without fundraising, you will not win your election. I think fundraising success is all about P.O.D. preparation, organization, and discipline. This course is going to give you my proven process.

Here's what you should expect to learn. In section 1, it's all about preparation. I will teach you my step by step process of how to create your donor list. I will explain how to set a goal so that you can have a successful fundraising strategy for the entirety of your election. We'll talk about what is a call sheet, how you can create one, and I will also provide downloads for you to use my call sheets for your own.

I want to explain what to do during call time and how you can prepare effectively for once you get started. Finally, we'll talk a little bit about donor list organization and the staffing needs you'll need ongoing for your campaign. Section 2 is about call time training. I want to explain how to make an effective fundraising call as well as teach you the 5 critical steps to every single donor call and how to execute them effectively.

I will explain to you what to do after you get a pledge and a yes, and also what to do if your potential donor says no. I will also go in depth about how to overcome objectives and learn to pivot while on the phone. Our final section, it's about follow up. I will teach you the key components to effective follow-up, show you a few different data entry methods, and let you choose the right one for you because good follow up means never leaving money on the table or a thank you undelivered.

Here's what you should expect from my course. I will teach you and give you a proven process for you to use to raise money for your campaign. I'm going to provide baseline information to help you create a winning fundraising strategy because remember fundraising is not easy, and my process will take work. Let's get started. Take the first steps to raising money for your campaign. Start with section 1, and start talking about call time preparation.

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