If you have a candidate spouse that is “under involved” you have one that does not come to fundraising events or even ask friends for donations (support). This is a problem just like the other spouses we have discussed.

The best way to approach this spouse is find out what interests them about the campaign. Take time to get to know this spouse. Maybe they are not comfortable being in front of everyone. If this is the case think of alternate ways they can help your campaign. What about a blog? Maybe sending emails asking for donations to friends and family members? Could this spouse post details of the campaign and fundraising needs on facebook or twitter?

Most importantly, if you get the “under involved” interested in helping do not put them into a situation they will absolutely hate they will not be likely to listen to you again.

Use this spouse strategically.

Make sure that If they are around they are doing something they find enjoyable. This is your job to find out what that is exactly. Also, do not make your candidate feel badly that their spouse is not around. They are probably seeing others who have their spouse there all the time and want that too. Just make sure it is not you who is showing frustration by the spouses absence.

If you think strategically and do the leg work you can use this spouse when they do come around and it will be beneficial to your campaign.