You may think I am never happy with spouses, too involved, not involved enough, etc. I promise I am not hard to please! There is a fine balance with spouses how they want their involvement to look as well as what role you, as the campaign professional, want them to take.

The over involved spouse can be a blessing or a curse.

If the spouse’s involvement consists of attending a lot of events with the candidate and they are great at chit chat and are wonderful in a supportive or stand alone role that is a blessing. If their involvement rolls into fifteen calls 50 emails a week with you then you have a problem and a curse.

Spouses are important and their happiness is important.

So ignoring all of the calls and not returning any of the emails is not a good idea. Instead give them things to do. Brilliant huh? Instead of them giving you a to-do list make one for them. Keep them busy and make it as relevant as possible. Maybe the spouse is a fabulous public speaker. Have them create their own events with their friends and supporters of your campaign.

Keep an eye on the “over involved.” I had a friend once who showed me where a spouse was using facebook to talk bad about the opponent and complain about the campaign. This spouse had good intentions, to get the message out that the opponent was not as qualified as their spouse, but that can really backfire. Either you or someone on your campaign should QUIETLY monitor the online activities of the “over involved” spouse just to keep ahead of the game.