6 Keys to Successful Campaign Fundraising

Learn How to Raise Money to Reach Voters

Money helps you share your message with potential voters and then hopefully persuade them to vote for you. Whether you are using direct mail pieces, websites, radio ads or even TV ads, you must have money in order to reach your voters.

The best way to raise money is called Call Time, where you sit at a desk, with a phone and call sheet and make calls for hours and hours at a time to potential donors. Many candidates underestimate, de-prioritize or just simply do not understand the foundational importance of Call Time for the fundraising success of their campaigns.

About the Ebook

The 6 Steps to Successful Fundraising Ebook will show you how to ...

  • Create a strategy for fundraising calls
  • Build your call list
  • Script phone calls for best results
  • Answer unexpected questions from donors
  • Close calls with solid commitments
  • Follow up with donors